Art exhibition halls and museums, for one thing, are spaces of the most intensive openness and responsiveness for artists and places for the development of artistic and cultural innovations. For another thing, they are locations where a particular cultural heritage is cultivated. Thus, museums and other institutions where art is exhibited, as spaces of art reception and resonance, deserve our attention, particularly in view of the worldwide process of digitalization and of political developments with their growing influence also on art and culture.

PLANET MUSEUM takes a critical look at the global phenomenon of eurocentrism, the museum being one of its export hits.
The artists promoting PLANET MUSEUM as an international project are Simone Demandt and Margret Eicher, both living and working in Germany. The art project PLANET MUSEUM grew out of the curiosity of the two female artists for the art and museum space as such, wherever in the world.
PLANET MUSEUM is part of their long-standing joint series of artistic initiatives, which deal with the presentation and reception of current art. This joint series of projects is based on the particular artistic approach of each of the two artists: While Margret Eicher looks at the impact of media imagery, Simone Demandt uses photographic methods to deal with materialized spheres of imagination.

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Margret Eicher and Simone Demandt, as well as Port25 - Raum für Gegenwartskunst Mannheim and Fischer Architekten GmbH Mannheim/Cologne/Berlin, would like to invite you to produce a digital documentary video of between three and seven minutes duration, filmed with a smartphone or digicam, of the collection or the current visiting exhibition in your institution (PDF "Technical Guidelines for Participants"). We are also asking you to fill in the PDF "Questionnaire for Participants" about the nature of your institution.

Confirmed institutions: Arp Museum Bahnhof Rolandseck in Remagen, Centre d’art Le LAIT in Albi, Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art in St. Petersburg, ikob Museum für zeitgenössische Kunst in Eupen, Kunsthalle Mannheim, Kunsthaus Bregenz, Kunstmuseum Appenzell, Kunstverein Ludwigshafen, MACT/CACT Bellinzona, oqbo raum für bild wort ton in Berlin, Port25 - Raum für Gegenwartskunst in Mannheim, Sprengel Museum Hannover, Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden, Yay Gallery in Baku, ZKM Karlsruhe

The collection of video documentaries resulting from this initiative will have its first public showing in November, 2016, in the museum "Port25 - Raum für Gegenwartskunst Mannheim", an exhibition hall newly founded in Mannheim, an important City in southwest Germany.
The video installation PLANET MUSEUM which shows the short videos provided by the particular museums is located in a darkened room of approximately 80 square meters. There are five opaque semi spheres (about 220 cm in diameter) suspended in the air at heights between 220 and 290 cm and inclined downward, and the films are shown on their surfaces by way of rear projection using beamers. The films are arranged as loops and each features starting titles containing the name of the particular institution and information about its leadership, the name of the camera person, as well as the particular city, country and continent.
The large-scale images projected on the semi spheres which are distributed in the air space above the visitor give him a kind of "interstellar" sensation as he is comfortably relaxing on seats on the floor and directing his eyes toward the "celestial video bodies" above him.
The architectural design especially developed for the project installation provides an artistic space for a multitude of visitors to view the videos simultaneously and to get acquainted with the participating museums and exhibition institutions. The architecture of the installation is modular, thus making it mobile so that the project can also travel to other art institutions anywhere in the world. This will make it possible for you, as a participating institution, to present this work also at your own museum or exhibition hall in an effort of networking all institutions involved.

Installation View Port25

We are asking you to become a partner in an art project celebrating the global constructive energy of art and presenting your institution as a member of this network of communication.

Museums and exhibition rooms are invited to take part in the project PLANET MUSEUM without a specific deadline. The journey to contemporary art will grow as a work in progress with every contribution.

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Please take note of the following legal requirements connected with
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1. You agree to provide a temporarily and territorially unlimited, non-exclusive, gratuitous (royalty-free) licence for the use of your video within the framework of the art project PLANET MUSEUM to the artists executing said project, Simone Demandt and Margret Eicher. Said use consists in particular in the exhibition and showing of your video within the framework of said art project, but is not limited to exhibition and showing; that is, by embedding your video together with other handed in videos in an exhibitional architecture which is shown to the public in art exhibitions.

2. You further agree that your video will be furnished with opening and end credits by said artists and that it may undergo post-production work in order to technically optimize it for rendition.

3. You affirm that you have the approval by the artists or, if applicable, by the copyright holders of the art works visible in your video of your museum, in particular that these artists or copyright holders, have consented to the use of their works as part of the video within the framework of the art project PLANET MUSEUM as described above.

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You may find technical information concerning producing your video and uploading it in our PDF documents Fact questions for participants and Technical aids for participants in this site.
Here you will also find the "Key Word List" as a PDF document to be filled in.
If you desire informations about us and our joint art projects so far, please visit our websites:

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